If you don't leap, you'll never know what it's like to fly.

Welcome to our Spirit Gymnastics Sports Academy Family! It is our privilege to share our love for Gymnastics, Ninja and Sports with your child.

‚ÄčOur mission is to build and encourage true character in all ages as they learn the sports of gymnastics, cheer, dance and more. We value the qualities of discipline, structure and excellence. We offer a wholesome environment where our students and staff develop strength, discipline and self-esteem as they strive to reach their goals through hard work and the reward of success not measured in trophies but in lifelong lessons.

Our Home Gymnastics Meets

Every year we host up to four gymnastics meets! Two are in-house meets for our team and pre-team to get experience with real judges and meet format. The others are meets that bring together teams from across the state and beyond in Central Florida for a premiere gymnastics event.

"I am first and foremost very proud to be a gym owner with the opportunity to train young athletes as they work hard to achieve their goals year after year. I know you take the same pride in your young athletes and have the same positive impact on their development as I do. My same philosophy carries over to the Spirit Classic and I will work very hard to see everyone leaves with a smile on their face, feeling good about the experience."
~Teresa Proctor
Owner & Head Coach

Classes Schedule

January, 2021