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Meet Debra, our Program Manager and Assistant Team Head Coach!

We took some time to interview Debra, and here’s what we learned:

  • I graduated from Auburndale High School
  • I have been coaching gymnastics for about 8 years
  • My favorite thing about spirit is that we aren’t just co workers, coaches or students, but we are a FAMILY.
  • My proudest moments as a coach are when I see my girls succeed on a skill they have been struggling with or hit a routine at a meet. Seeing them have that “ah hah” moment is what makes it all worth it.
  • I am currently a team coach and program manager but have done EVERYTHING at Spirit!

Three fun facts about me are:

  • I’m a mom of a teenage girl and a two year old boy plus two bonus teenage girls, being a mom is my favorite title
  • I’m a HORRIBLE cook 🤪
  • My hobbies are hunting, fishing or being at the beach 🏖

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